Hi! I’m Terri, one half of the dream team behind the lens. I love to travel and try to take trips as frequently as my heart desires – taking lots of pictures along the way! I have over 7 years of experience in the industry, with weddings being my ultimate passion. When I’m not at weddings, I’m looking after my gorgeous springer spaniel pup, Bailey!


      Hi! I’m Lauren, but everyone calls me Lori for short! I have always adored photography since working away in a dark room at college, and I was always that girl holding the compact camera on a night out! Similar to Terri, travel is one of my ultimate passions, with Japan being top of my bucket list. Myself and my husband own a house bunny called Luna, she is our world!



      Our approach to wedding photography is to effortlessly blend fine art and journalistic photography styles together, to capture not only the beautiful details but all the emotion that goes alongside it.

      Our fine art style means that we curate our images to look a certain way, therefore we work best with clients who share our vision and style.

      On your wedding day, we spend the entire day with you, recording your every move, from your wedding morning to the first dance


      We shoot primarily in a fine art style, which means we tell your story through a series of carefully curated images and film, focusing on the details and moments of your day that mean the most to you.

      We capture your day as organically as possible, encouraging natural family group photos as well as bride and groom portraits.

      Our shooting style is influenced by natural light, inspiring us to create dreamy images in any situation. We are big fans of beautiful, even light, making cloudy days just as stunning as sun-soaked weddings.


      We are lucky to have been featured on some of the top wedding blogs in the UK and worldwide, such as Rock My Wedding, B.LOVED Blog and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings, alongside UK magazines such as You & Your Wedding, Perfect Weddings and Wedding Ideas to name a small selection.

      We’ve had the pleasure of capturing many beautiful weddings including those of YouTube stars, Instagram influencers and Paralympic medalists.